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Jon Brunson: 

After 15 years of producing outdoor television with 30 national production awards under his belt, Jon has become an icon in the outdoor sports world.  With Spear Life, Jon has the unique chance to kick back, have some fun, and face an entirely new set of challenges as he leads our group through some of the best beach towns and spearfishing spots in the world.  It’s his expertise and relentless ambition that pushes the whole crew forward, and ensures that no one is ever going home empty handed.

Gary Zumwalt:

Gary is truly a master of spearfishing.  As a kid his dad wouldn’t let him get certified until he was able to free-dive to 40 feet, and it’s that dedication and raw talent that led him to become the youngest free diving champion at only 18 years old.  Throughout his prolific career Gary has has broken multiple world records, and still holds the record for largest yellow tail snapper while freediving.  Gary is definitely the seasoned veteran of our crew when it comes to spearfishing, and his ability to take on dangerous situations in a calm and precise manner, as well as his love for sharing his expertise is what allows Jon and Coby to push themselves even further than they thought possible.

Coby Treasure: 

Coby is great when it comes to spearing fish, but he’s a master when it comes to telling a good joke.  Coby has been Jon’s best friend since childhood, and for as long as he’s known him Coby’s never been one to hold back in any situation, or say no to a dare.  Being the newest to the sport, Coby still has a lot to learn, but when the going gets tough you’ll be thankful that you brought him along to break the tension and keep morale high.






If hanging with the boys, soaking up the beach life, and shooting monster fish sounds like a
perfect day to you, then you just might be living the Spear Life. Spear Life is an unscripted
documentary series following Jon Brunson and his two lifelong friends, Gary Zumwalt and
Coby Treasure, as they travel the globe searching for the best beach towns to have some
fun and snag fish big enough to be on any spear fisher’s bucket list. With every dive there
will be new risks and dangers to overcome, and with Jon and his crew, there’s no telling
what kind of trouble they might get into, both on and off the water.

But the journey doesn’t end there. The oceans depths have a few much larger stories to
tell. Jon, Gary, and Coby will visit some of the most notable shipwreck sites to uncover
never-before-seen footage and the stories that surround them.

Upcoming Travel Schedule

 08/5-10: Naples, FL - Spear Fishing Trip

9/26-28: Tampa, FL - Spear Fishing Trip w/ Dan Henderson

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